Original Kawasaki KZ200 Picture

The pictures below was taken by Jürgen N a professional photograper from Kulmbach, Germany. The interesting thing about these photographs is the authenticity of the Kawasaki KZ200 is still maintained. Very hard to find condition Z200 motorcycle that still retains its original shape. Since most of this motorcycle has been modified a chopper or a Bobber style. Indeed in some countries in Europe, classic motorcycle enthusiasts usually prefer to retain their original shape rather than turn it into another form. 
Kawasaki Z200 blue (Epson Photo PC3000)  Kawasaki Z200 blue x2 (Nikon D40)

Kawasaki Z200 black (Epson Photo PC3000)
Kawasaki Z200 green (Epson Photo PC3000)

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    Greetings from Jürgen N

  2. Hi, thanks to visit. Your picture is inspiring me.