Kawasaki KZ200 Chopper Modification - MMC Outsider Jakarta

Kawasaki KZ200 as a 200 cc bike has a lot of options to be modified . One of the most favored by the owners of this bike is to turn it into a chopper . As performed by Axunx , owner 1983 Kawasaki KZ200 make this bike into Heiwa Custom style . That is one of Japan's modification workshops .

Japanese feel taste of the framework that adheres to the model order of the samurai . All proceeds custom -made builder. Then the characteristic appears next to the tank . Small form with a concave surface on the side next to strengthen the impression Heiwa . In the tank well covered with cartoon images of dogs and goats intangible which is the owner of the zodiac and Shio . The composition of blue and white in order to make the appearance of the body enough Binter Heiwa be looks " cute " .

Lead to further characterize the motorcycles electrical component box . Builder makes the bottom of the seat tube to secure all electrical devices . Great legs is certain to be a part of this one custom motorcycles . 16x34.5 -inch wheels stuffed in the legs and paired with Shinko tires on both wheels measuring 500-16 .

The front suspension has been retired , so that more matching Shockbreaker then adopted a Yamaha Byson. Shockbreaker back together with the rigid frame to the seat directly prop.

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Indian 101 Scout Restoration

The Indian 101 Scout was produced from 1928 to 1931, it was ahead of its time, differing from the other bikes of the era. It used front brakes, stiff frames, superior front suspension and low 26 inch (660 mm) seat heights. Despite the short production run and the fact that not many 101 Scouts survived to this day, there’s an online club that has over 400 members. For more information on the Indian 101 Scout club check out their website,they offer help and advice and even collaborate on finding suppliers for spare parts.

 Original Look of Indian Scout 101
Original Look of Indian Scout 101

In 1931, Indian's management decided to rationalize production by designing a new corporate frame that, with some detail variations, would be used across their entire, new-for-1932 model range of Scout, Chief and Four.The economic hardship of the Great Depression forced Indian to discontinue the 101 Scout, since it was as expensive to produce as the 74 cu in (1,210 cc) Chief, and therefore had a small profit margin.The 101's replacement the Standard Scout found enough adherents to keep it in production until 1937, but it was not well received by fans of the 101, who found the larger-framed Standard Scout to be slow and heavy by comparison.

1930 Indian Scout 101 Restored

The 101 Scout was noted for its handling and was popular with racers, hillclimbers, and trick riders. It is still used in wall of death stunt exhibitions.

1931 Indian Scout 101 Restored

Enthusiasts have differing views on the replacement of the 101 Scout. Fans of Indian's technical achievements acclaim the 101 Scout as the pinnacle of Indian technology, while fans of classic Indian styling hail its replacement for bringing classic Chief styling to the Scout line.


Sriwijaya Motor Club

Sriwijaya Motor Club or SMOC was a Kawasaki KZ-200 Motor club founded in Palembang, South Sumatera.

As one of the big clubs, they have great respect for the Kawasaki enthusiast Merzy. They always send some club members to attend events held by other clubs Merzy.

Contact :

Jl.Kapten A. Rivai / Bintan No.952 RT.015 RW.004
Lorok Pakjo Ilir Barat I, Palembang 30137
e-mail : smoc.palembang@gmail.com
Contact Person :
Maman Lesmana ~ 081958573680
Anto ~ 0819684829

Black Mangoes 4th Anniversary

"Black Mangoes" is a club Kawasaki Z200 motorcycle enthusiasts who formed four years ago in Indramayu. Many activities already undertaken by this club. Like the greening programs and other social activities.

On the fourth anniversary, "Black Mangoes" calls for motorcycle users to comply with driving regulations and care for the safety of driving on the highway.


"Black Mangoes" was also invited some other motorcycle clubs to get together to express the attitude of denying the existence of a motorcycle gang is considered disturbing the public.

The event was also attended by Chief of Police and Chairman of the Parliament Indramayu Indramayu This lively entertainment with musical performances from members of motorcycle clubs.

Bike Art Soul | Music for Merzy Riders

Kawasaki KZ200 A group of bikers who love music and try to express through an album titled BAS (Bike Art Soul) contains 12 tracks which contained material that hilarious song when I listened to and may be very familiar by music lovers that are not difficult to understand each of the songs .
Elements of Rock n roll they offer a very fresh and we all here like to sing are invited to dance off with fun, playing in the genre of rock n roll which is becoming a basic music with them where they explore a variety of music and thus BAS (Bike Art Soul) introduce their music with the name of The Funky Blues Motorcycle yeahhh ....

And after a long time I get a demo of my relatives and finally congratulations guys ... exactly December 24, 2008 ago, which took place in the MU Cafe Jakarta, they (BAS) recently held a launching her first album and I think wow ... it's amazing a new breakthrough at the end of 2008 and maybe this is a sign that the music Rock n Roll will soon rise in 2009 (a good move to sustain this kind of music). let us return to the album, the 12 songs dialbum can be said about the daily life of a true biker who struggled with their motorcycles.

Check out some of his songs such as my girlfriend is not my bike, Oil Bottles, Together, Rock n Roll, there are some singles that are very familiar dialbum dikehidupan kebingaran behind us apart from the hearts of the bikers they were certainly must be pointed thumb.

Hopefully, BAS can compete with the musicians in Indonesia and hope BAS can always exist in bringing music Rock n Roll.

Please visit their website : http://bikeartsoul.webs.com/
Source : alverrocker

Jogjakarta Merzy Club

The formation of Jogjakarta Merzy Club originated from KMCI (Kawasaki Motor Club Indonesia). KMCI is an organization whose membership consists of owners of Kawasaki motorcycles manufacturers who stand around in the 1980s. Then in 1992 each of the Kawasaki brand want to stand alone, as a sub from KMCI then came the Kawasaki motorcycle clubs are covered by KMCI. One is the JMC.

JMC was incorporated in the organizational structure of IMMI. Due to a period between vacuum events occurred in 1998-2000, IMMI turn of stewardship and moved to new premises, files bylaws JMC disappeared. So that the JMC members never know when the exact date of JMC was formed. The information that we know only comes from the story Babe aka Mas Antok.

Until now there has never been JMC official stewardship, there are no rules or budget. Because they do not want to be bound by the rules. They agreed that the JMC is a community of lovers and enthusiasts Binter Merzy (a popular name for Kawasaki KZ200) in Jogjakarta. they consider JMC as a forum to establish brotherhood or friendship and information for the Merzy Mania where the members of JMC has a main goal of completing college.

Under the overpass Janti is where they often get-togethers at this time. A place for relaxing as well as sharing information.