Tutu Takes A Ride - Indian Style

By : Steve McLaughlin

My story is simply what happened to me tonight. My life is rewarded in mysterious ways some times. This story is true.

I was unfaithful tonight.

I never knew who she was even afterward. It was a moving experience; I will probably take this feeling with me when I get to the after life. I hope they let us ride our Indian Motorcycles in heaven. I think she hopes so too.

It's Saturday night in Honolulu. Weather stunning as always, getting dark. When it get's dark in Hawaii, it get blue-dark blue-dark. You always say things twice in Hawaiian when it really is something special. It cools a bit in the evenings the air next to the ocean get's thicker and you can feel the Indians engine start to inhale, exhale, start to hum, come to life.

She likes the cold night air. She always runs best alone in the cool Hawaiian night. My bike is a woman. Not my choice I thought an Indian Chief was the epitome of male. She is a beautiful woman with old world feminine and womanly traits. She is 60 years old. Born in 1946, the very first baby boomer. The pride of a nation. At times she's cranky, and hard to get out the door, doesn't like the smell of the new fuel you give her, she can be hard to get started and hard to keep focused until she get's warmed up and hits her stride. Then her head perks up and she shakes her self good and stamps her feet by rattling her chain when I go too slow, wanting to go faster, smoother. She was born to run, it is a crime against nature not to give her the lead and let her stretch out.

When she runs she's hot. Hot to the touch, crackling hot, she hates waiting, dawdling, poking slow. She was made to sing the highway song. Not lope, chug, clutch or brake, but to run, run hard, run without mercy. She likes to win.

Was this the woman I was unfaithful with? No, you’ll meet her in a bit. I have to tell you why I met her and it starts with Sioux. If a woman could be reincarnated as a motorcycle, it would be Sioux. She can't get jealous, but she still has to be handled with firm kindness, or she'll do it her own way. Sometimes she'll surprise you with just how good she is at her own way. You always have to listen and feel for her feedback.

Every motorcycle has their sounds, their exhaust notes, idles and chain noises. Some grind, some potato, some rip through the air. The Harley, the only bike similar to an Indian, not much more than a copy of the great lineage, has its unique sound. They never could get that engine to run quite right with that V angle. It makes a potato-potato-potato sound. After a while people got used to the off tune and it became an icon of American individuality.

The Indian has a heart beat when she idles. Thumpa thump thump thump, thumpa thump thump thump, a perfect slow rhythm, the same one for making love some say. But when she get's her head, she makes "THAT NOISE", that special throaty gulping, more air!, faster, and that brilliant Merlin Rolls-Royce V-12 Mustang Airplane roar, turning fuel into noise to build speed, a sound no other motorcycle or car or airplane can make. It is an Indian coming to its peak of her life-force.

Other motorcycles rip down the highway, whine down the highway, tractor down the highways with ever increasing potatopotatopoto, but the Indian howls like a banshee, a buzz saw of perfect harmonics and motion. Everyone stops to look. Other motorcyclists, police, old ladies and babies, even the jaded punkers. Everyone stops to listen, Everyone can't help but feel that awesome sound they are experiencing whipping past them in elegance and pure raw power and speed.

Nonetheless. Isn't that an interesting word. None the less. I was taking Sioux for a leisurely stroll to the beach. She likes the beach and all the admirers; the thick salty air is her favorite. I had parked her and a thin elegant woman with long perfect white hair was sitting nearby on the curb by herself. No possible way to judge her age - 70-80? Women of Hawaii are beautiful and ageless. Composed, head turned just so. Looking at me and my steel pony with its fringe all around. Waiting for her children and grand children to finish parking and come gather her up.

She smiled. I smiled back. Sometimes they will tell you their Dad or Uncle used to have a motorcycle and how it would scare them. But she didn't. She stood up and walked over to the bike and gently caressed the headlight. Noticing the little Indian headlamp on the fender, "does he light up like they use to?" "Yes", I said. Light fingers trailing the seat and rail, walking around the bike never losing her touch on it, like a masseuse and her patient.

She began to tell me about her life. A young nurse in World War II. Injured in battle and sent home. Worked as a riveter for an airplane factory in California and met a soldier on leave. Indian was allowed to make motorcycles during the war, when no other vehicles were. The Indian was solid, dependable, fairly cheap and didn't use a lot of gas. Uncle Sam knew people had to get around. Her man had an Indian very much like this one.

His time with her was precious, they went everywhere on the Indian. Every place, every when, every big band dance, every movie, every picnic. He even taught her to drive it. The seat on the Chief is just an oversized single. It's called a chummy, and you will be intimate with your partner while there, no matter who sits where, the bike can be driven and someone can be held dearly from front or back. They bonded, loved and he left. He didn't come home. She found another life, had her children and outlived another wonderful man.

But she still missed "him". She missed him on his motorcycle. She missed the panic, and thrill, excitement, the love of it all. Her children stood there semi-patient. Come tutu it's getting dark.

She asked if she could sit on the seat. After that? Hell yes you can sit on the seat. Something made me say something stupid, "do you want to ride?" "Yes", she said in her quiet voice. Daughters and son in laws in a panic. I said "it's getting dark maybe tomorrow when it's nice." "No" she said, "in the evening when it's cool and you can smell the night jasmines and feel the wind on your face."

"Do you remember how?" "I know how to lean, I know how to hang on, I know where to sit." She said "I know how "cozy" it is - with a gleam!" If I wasn't already in love with a wonderful lady, I may have fallen in love with this elegant woman. I still didn't know her name.

I said "you get on first, you remember where your feet go?" She said "all of me sits behind you like a spoon" “how could I forget that?" She got on, her son's helping her and glaring at me. Where are you taking her? Where would you like to go? Its Kailua beach, maybe we could take a slow circle around Lanikai, a few miles and I'll bring you back to here. I am sure we can smell the flowers. Perfect. The family runs for the car. They are not going to let us out of their sight. Tutu still has her power. No one is arguing with her. "I will hold on to you like this" as she put her arms loosely around my waist.

She said "I forgot, you have to kick start the motor cycle. I used to help. I was so thin in those days I could stand on the pedal with both feet and jump up and down on it to start the motorcycle. His leg was injured in the war and it hurt, and I loved doing it. But I don't think I can now." I was in awe.

I have a secret tutu. I have an electric starter for it. She said, it was about time someone thought of that. Sioux chupped to life and settled down to her heartbeat, I got a squeeze and very, very gently off we went. Funny how you can forget how to drive when you have a lovely woman holding you. I nearly stalled it twice, she never said a word.

We made it over the first hill you could still see the ocean, I turned on Sioux's headlight and her Indian Lamp on the fender lit up. Her little white nose out there putting out about as much light as that old headlight I am sure. I found a gear that wasn't too fast or slow, smooth sailing. The squeeze got tighter. No more I hope or I won't be able to breathe.

We stopped a couple of times to let a train of cars by and to look at the flowers and the houses. She didn't say much. As we made the turn at the end of the 2 mile loop, trailing a van of family members that finally put their dims on, she put her head on the back of my shoulder. I could feel her sobbing. I stopped the bike, " are you ok", "yes, I am happy". Another squeeze and I took my cue, come on Sioux let's smell the roses down this part of the road.

"Stop." she said. We stopped - Sioux's heart beating a little bit faster for some reason.

"can we DO "that sound"? I thought for a minute. This woman knows "that sound" doesn’t she? She was not a wall flower, but a wounded veteran and in love. "Yes, we can do that sound, but you know what it takes don't you?" "Yes, I'll hang on very tight, when you lean forward I will lean with you." "Tutu, don't fall off or we'll never hear the end of this." I think this is going to shock all of them anyway. She said firmly "please".

I twisted the timing down into the gutter. The bike would barely idle, that thumpathumpthumpthump became disrhythmic. This is how the engine knows we are going to explode into motion. My heart was pounding I could feel her excitement. I said HANG ON and DON'T LET GO. She laid her head on my back, held me tight and squeezed, her signal. I wrapped the throttle up, timing struggling, thumping, cracking, Sioux shaking to be let loose.

It was a perfect launch. That doesn't always happen with a hand shifter and foot clutch motorcycle.

Wrenched the throttle open, stomped the clutch, twisted the timing, let off brakes. It is poetry - it is a deadly dance if you do it wrong. When you do it right, it doesn't lurch, no spinning wheels now wild weaving, the Indian lives for this moment. Pure raw acceleration produced by a pure raw perfect sound that only GOD and INDIAN can make. It makes the hair on your neck stand up, it sends chills up and down your body, it makes you ALIVE. It is terrifying and it is FAST. Speed most people can't imagine - for a split second time stands completely still.

I am whooping, she is screaming with delight and we move like lightning. The revs peak on the Indians first gear quickly, grab second gear and DO IT AGAIN. More delightful screams. The road is ending we have to haul it down, but why go gently into the night, grab the brakes, hold the front brake like death itself, let the back break loose and skid around. Show off, showing what an Indian can do.

So much laughter. So much panic in the van. Let's get going before they get out and run over here.

Back over the hill and down to the beach park, I feel a gentle loosening of her hold, a sigh and a small relaxed distance from the full body contact we had held all this time. Someone wiping her tears and straightening her hair, getting her face arranged.

We parked, disembarked, she nearly carried away bodily by family. It all came to a stop. She walked back and held me and gave me the Hawaiian heart felt hug and we touched cheeks. Then she tip toed up and kissed me lightly. A touch, a gesture.

And that was that. Grandkids screaming questions with delight, daughters and sons scolding, a smile from the window, and I was alone as I arrived.

I have been faithful and unfaithful in my life. Maybe this time it won't count against me.

Steve McLaughlin
Hawaiian 346

editor's note: Tutu couldn't have picked a safer driver for her memoriable ride. Prof. Sensai Steve McLaughlin is a 7th Degree Black Belt Bushidokan Federation and Author / Instructor HZBK Women's Assault Prevention Course. ###

PS : Many thanks to Mr. Steve McLaughlin to allow me share this article.


Soft Tail Chopper KZ200 1984

This Kawasaki KZ200 is belong to Charles Iwan Tanaka. Builded by Mohammad Rifai also called Pei from 52 Custom at Kunciran, Pinang, Tangerang, Indonesia. They met when Charles looking for a chopper builder to modify his old Merzy motorcycle.

They both know if KZ200 chassis was comfort on it's standard form. So they don't do much renovation on the backbone and downtube.  It is precisely from the center to the back bone changes quite a lot. Most prominent in the swinging arm. Unusual construction, plus the outermost position is made longer than usual.

To achieve a comfortable riding position. Moreover, this bike is targeted comfortable, completely avoid the construction of hardtail. Double conventional rear shock uses Harley Davidson stock, while the front shock KZ200 standard.

Major appliances handmade, from tank to fender. For wheels they choose in accordance with the dimensions KZ200, as a medium-capacity motors, simply mix 110/80-18 front and 190/50-17 for the rear. Both use the same brand of tires, Dunlop.

Source : Motorplus On Line
Picture is owned and copyright by MotorPlus

Empowers you with Royal Enfield Classic Chrome

Author: wilson Roy

Royal Enfield Classic Chrome is fairly like in its previous story of the Classic 500. With the latest look, this bike has a British fashion of the year 1950, well-proportioned and pleasant-sounding. It has a great compact of diagram appeal due to the make bigger leather seat. The two-wheeler through a retro view is made up of old-fashioned metal. The traditional metal is highlighted with a combined archive of chrome and wealthy paint, which in reality gives a look of the motorcycle in the placement conflict era of the British. It is really imposing in looks, which makes the consumers for purchasing this wonderful bike with retro looks.

The features of an engine of this bike are a great deal higher than the bikes of other product. The stylish slick body graphics of the Royal Enfield Classic Chrome are very attractive. It has 499 cc displacement and 4 stroke. The maximum power of the steam engine is counted to be 27.2 Bhp @ 5250 RPM, while the torque is imaginary to be 41.3 NM @ 4000 RPM. It furthermore has 5 speed gears, which essentially provide fast speed to it. The worth of weary and stroke are 84 and 90 in that order. The grasp of the medium is wet multi plate. There is not carburetor in this reproduction, but the motor authority is about 12 V. The engine cooling system is manner cools it has tubular strengthen of bodywork type.

Picture is courtesy of HelmetStories

This two-wheel offers you a large deal of comfort and expediency level, while you are riding it. You can simply get to identify about the fuel, oil and steering of the bike. There are divide indicators for fuel, oil and sequence in the bike, which helps you to be watchful while riding. Then front deferment is telescopic by means of hydraulic damping. The brakes moreover provide a great deal of security dealings to the riders with disc brakes of 280 mm and beat brakes in the rear end of 152 mm. If you compare the price of this bike with model 500, Royal Enfield bikes price is slightly special from its before version Classic 500.

Royal Enfield Bikes Price has at all times been more than the prices of additional bikes, but this company provides you with a produce which will offer you a feel of the royal family when you are on the roads through it. With no fears this company is forever proving itself to be the master of motorcycle developed for an extended time and that's the rationale this deserves a necessity watch every time you are away for a new bike price. The bike gives a level ride, provides fantastic reassure and is in reality a trivial bike from Enfield. The Royal Enfield bike price is around Rs. 1, 00,000. Do check exposed for more bikes Price greater than the certified and non official websites. Here you can the new and specific facts in on paper format like features, requirement and price which willpower helps you in manufacture the right choice and as well offers you the most successful and beneficial deals.

Article Source

About the Author
Wilson Roy is a well known author and has written articles on Royal Enfield Electra 5 S price, Laptops store, Royal Enfield Classic 350 price in india, online shop and many other subjects.

Kawasaki KZ200 Café Racer

A very interesting idea and the original of the Agus Darizt trying to think back to the glory of the model cafe racer. Trying to break away from the style of the modern modifications. Agus it gives a classic touch to the motorcycle Kawasaki KZ200.

Most of the modifications are handmade with an artistic touch tank shown in detail. Combined with a modern twist that can be seen in his choice to put large tires. Making this bike looks dashing and charismatic.

Done in the garage Darizt Design in Java, Indonesia. These motors were calling "12th Attempt".

For more information you can visit their website http://dariztdesign.blogspot.com.au/

Papertrigger | Inspiring Site For KZ200 Modification

Plans to seek ideas for my Kawasaki KZ 200 motorcycle modification, I finally landed on a blog that is very inspiring. Not many posts on this site and almost all of them only contains images that most motorcycle modification.

This is some pictures from the blog, Maybe it could be an inspiration for those of you who want to make modifications to your Kawasaki KZ200.

The Pictures are owned and maybe copyrighted of papertrigger.blogpsot.com.

Black Mangoes 4th Anniversary

"Black Mangoes" is a club Kawasaki Z200 motorcycle enthusiasts who formed four years ago in Indramayu. Many activities already undertaken by this club. Like the greening programs and other social activities.

On the fourth anniversary, "Black Mangoes" calls for motorcycle users to comply with driving regulations and care for the safety of driving on the highway.


"Black Mangoes" was also invited some other motorcycle clubs to get together to express the attitude of denying the existence of a motorcycle gang is considered disturbing the public.

The event was also attended by Chief of Police and Chairman of the Parliament Indramayu Indramayu This lively entertainment with musical performances from members of motorcycle clubs.

Cafe Racer The Returning Style

Motorcycle styles and trends do not differ with fashion and fashion. Always changing and sometimes return to the previous period. such as Cafe Racer (Café Racer) style that was once popular in the 1960s is now back into the trend among bike lovers modification.

Courtesy of Weblog Surf

Cafe Racer that was popularized by the community of Rock N 'Roll in Britain during the 1960s favored because the style is simple and not too many accessories. Surely by removing some of the motorcycle accessories that are not too important to reduce the maximum load and simplify maintenance.

If you are interested in the Cafe Racer style, should be modified motorcycle-style Cafe Racer is a motorcycle that uses a medium-capacity engine. Because according to the purpose of the Cafe Racer is speed and agility.

Here I show some examples of modifications to the motorcycle with the Cafe Racer style that I got from the internet.

Courtesy of Motorivista

Bike Art Soul | Music for Merzy Riders

Kawasaki KZ200 A group of bikers who love music and try to express through an album titled BAS (Bike Art Soul) contains 12 tracks which contained material that hilarious song when I listened to and may be very familiar by music lovers that are not difficult to understand each of the songs .
Elements of Rock n roll they offer a very fresh and we all here like to sing are invited to dance off with fun, playing in the genre of rock n roll which is becoming a basic music with them where they explore a variety of music and thus BAS (Bike Art Soul) introduce their music with the name of The Funky Blues Motorcycle yeahhh ....

And after a long time I get a demo of my relatives and finally congratulations guys ... exactly December 24, 2008 ago, which took place in the MU Cafe Jakarta, they (BAS) recently held a launching her first album and I think wow ... it's amazing a new breakthrough at the end of 2008 and maybe this is a sign that the music Rock n Roll will soon rise in 2009 (a good move to sustain this kind of music). let us return to the album, the 12 songs dialbum can be said about the daily life of a true biker who struggled with their motorcycles.

Check out some of his songs such as my girlfriend is not my bike, Oil Bottles, Together, Rock n Roll, there are some singles that are very familiar dialbum dikehidupan kebingaran behind us apart from the hearts of the bikers they were certainly must be pointed thumb.

Hopefully, BAS can compete with the musicians in Indonesia and hope BAS can always exist in bringing music Rock n Roll.

Please visit their website : http://bikeartsoul.webs.com/
Source : alverrocker

What are Bobber Style?

Sometimes I get bored with the standard style motorcycle. it occurred to me to modify it, but at a cost that is not too high. And not too long in the process. In other words, something simple but still has artistic value and functionality of a motorcycle.

After searching the style to suit my taste, my choice finally fell on Bobber style.
What are Bobber Style?
A bobber is a motorcycle that usually has had the front fender removed, the rear fender "bobbed" or made smaller and all superfluous items removed to make it lighter. [Wikipedia]
Bobber choppers are distinguished from regular choppers because their fenders have either been shortened or entirely removed. Bobbing (or removing) the fenders is one of the first things that a custom chopper builder considers to make an ordinary bike look like a true chopper. [Custom Chopper Guide]
Bobbers are related to choppers in that they represent a minimalistic approach where the motorcycle is stripped of parts or accessories not needed but bobbers generally leaving the characteristics of the stock frame.
The principal difference between a bobber and chopper is that bobbers are typically built around unmodified frames. Chopper frames are often cut and welded into shape. Bobbers also often lack most of the chopper's aesthetic characteristics such as chromed parts and elongated forks. Thus, bobbers are fairly easy to create from stock motorcycles and are generally hand built.

The term chopper started to be used from the late 1960s onwards, a movement inspired the Peter Fonda movie "Easy Rider", for motorcycles whose frames had been customized to have a greater angle at which the front suspension protruded with smaller fuel tanks and tall handlebars called ape hangers. For many owners, the difference between bobbers and choppers doesn't come down to what's on the motorcycle but what isn't on it and whether it has a short front end or a long front end, stretched suspension defining it is a chopper.
Whereas customized motorcycles can be extremely expensive, bobber builders tend to adopt an economical approach involving old, second hand, recycled parts and hand machined items redolent of the period before the mass-market motorcycle accessory industry had developed.

Jap Style a.k.a Japanese Style

Japanese Style or Jap Style is a genre of motorcycle modification, its minimalist and almost naked. Usually has the characteristics of the large tires and throwing accessories are not necessary. Only some important parts are still mounted as headlight, turn lights, and brake lights. Maybe some pictures below can inspired you.