Kawasaki KZ200 Manual Service E-Book

I have a scanned manual book of Kawasaki KZ200 in JPEG files. Some enthusiast people asking me to shared the file but I think it's too large to stored on website. So I convert it to E-Book format while people can read it from their PC offline.

This book is originally created and owned by Kawasaki Motorcycle Manufacture and have their own license to publish. Since this motorcycle is not produced, it's so hard to find the guide of service. I hope what I'm doing is not violate the law or copyright. I just want to share with other Kawasaki KZ200 owner and lover. And I don't take any benefit from it.

The book is an exe file but there is no need to install, just run the file. You need to install Adobe Flash Player if you don't have it.

Download the Kawasaki KZ200 Manual Service E-Book here.

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