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Binter Merzy Brothers - Another Classic Motorcycle of Kawasaki

This motorcycle is a Cruiser type from Kawasaki. With big engine capacity about 1300cc.


The Kawasaki Eliminator is a cruiser-type motorcycle that has been produced in several variants since its introduction in 1985 as the ZL900. Currently billed as a "power cruiser", the first two incarnations of the bike, namely the 1985 and 1986 ZL900 models, were in fact almost street replicas of a drag style bike, featuring shaft drive, very short gearing and forward seating with a handlebar that barely qualified as legal. The motor for both of these machines was in fact the same motor available in the 900cc Ninja of the same year, albeit with slightly different exhaust and intake configurations. These were, and remain, two of the highest performing straight line un-cowled motorcycles to be sold to the public.

Kawasaki KZ1300

This bike has six cylinder with 1300cc capacity.

Kawasaki Z900/Z1

The Z1 Kawasaki was a motorcycle introduced in 1972 by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. It has been described as the world's first superbike, but that term is probably better applied to Honda's CB750, which introduced the four-cylinder, across the frame, disc-braked layout.

Kawasaki KZ750 (Twin)

Produced for model year 1983, the Kawasaki KZ750 L3 was very similar to the 1982 Gpz750. This is the year during which the Gpzs made the jump towards "sportbikes", while the KZ line branched off as "sport cruisers". This model can be distinguished by the three horizontal stripes along the gas tank and tailpiece, orange, red and yellow, and the lack of fairing typical on GPZ bikes of the same era. The Kawasaki inline-four engines are considered very robust and reliable. Therefore, this motorcycle, and others with similar engines, are sought after for their rideability and repairability.


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