What are Bobber Style?

Sometimes I get bored with the standard style motorcycle. it occurred to me to modify it, but at a cost that is not too high. And not too long in the process. In other words, something simple but still has artistic value and functionality of a motorcycle.

After searching the style to suit my taste, my choice finally fell on Bobber style.
What are Bobber Style?
A bobber is a motorcycle that usually has had the front fender removed, the rear fender "bobbed" or made smaller and all superfluous items removed to make it lighter. [Wikipedia]
Bobber choppers are distinguished from regular choppers because their fenders have either been shortened or entirely removed. Bobbing (or removing) the fenders is one of the first things that a custom chopper builder considers to make an ordinary bike look like a true chopper. [Custom Chopper Guide]
Bobbers are related to choppers in that they represent a minimalistic approach where the motorcycle is stripped of parts or accessories not needed but bobbers generally leaving the characteristics of the stock frame.
The principal difference between a bobber and chopper is that bobbers are typically built around unmodified frames. Chopper frames are often cut and welded into shape. Bobbers also often lack most of the chopper's aesthetic characteristics such as chromed parts and elongated forks. Thus, bobbers are fairly easy to create from stock motorcycles and are generally hand built.

The term chopper started to be used from the late 1960s onwards, a movement inspired the Peter Fonda movie "Easy Rider", for motorcycles whose frames had been customized to have a greater angle at which the front suspension protruded with smaller fuel tanks and tall handlebars called ape hangers. For many owners, the difference between bobbers and choppers doesn't come down to what's on the motorcycle but what isn't on it and whether it has a short front end or a long front end, stretched suspension defining it is a chopper.
Whereas customized motorcycles can be extremely expensive, bobber builders tend to adopt an economical approach involving old, second hand, recycled parts and hand machined items redolent of the period before the mass-market motorcycle accessory industry had developed.

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