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Kawasaki KZ200 A group of bikers who love music and try to express through an album titled BAS (Bike Art Soul) contains 12 tracks which contained material that hilarious song when I listened to and may be very familiar by music lovers that are not difficult to understand each of the songs .
Elements of Rock n roll they offer a very fresh and we all here like to sing are invited to dance off with fun, playing in the genre of rock n roll which is becoming a basic music with them where they explore a variety of music and thus BAS (Bike Art Soul) introduce their music with the name of The Funky Blues Motorcycle yeahhh ....

And after a long time I get a demo of my relatives and finally congratulations guys ... exactly December 24, 2008 ago, which took place in the MU Cafe Jakarta, they (BAS) recently held a launching her first album and I think wow ... it's amazing a new breakthrough at the end of 2008 and maybe this is a sign that the music Rock n Roll will soon rise in 2009 (a good move to sustain this kind of music). let us return to the album, the 12 songs dialbum can be said about the daily life of a true biker who struggled with their motorcycles.

Check out some of his songs such as my girlfriend is not my bike, Oil Bottles, Together, Rock n Roll, there are some singles that are very familiar dialbum dikehidupan kebingaran behind us apart from the hearts of the bikers they were certainly must be pointed thumb.

Hopefully, BAS can compete with the musicians in Indonesia and hope BAS can always exist in bringing music Rock n Roll.

Please visit their website :
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