Joy Riding With Your Child

If you are a parent of very young children there's no doubt you might be protective of them to ensure their safety. I know, I have two little boys of my own and they are a handful.

Children like to play and have fun when it comes to playing with toys and riding bicycles and scooters.

What if a parent wants to take his or her child for a joy ride on a scooter moped or motorcycle, where would the child sit? In front or in back? If it were me I would not bring a newborn baby or tiny toddler along for the ride unless I had him or her riding in front of me. Even then, I wouldn't bring a child on board a motorcycle or scooter moped unless he or she were at least four or five years old. This is where both safety and common sense discretion come into play.

Here are some common sense safety guidelines to remember when riding with children on your motorcycle, electric scooter or electric scooter moped.

1. When you are out joy riding and you take your small child with you, know the risk and start your child riding perhaps at the age of four or five.

2. When you sit your child on your motorcycle or electric scooter moped, have him or her ride in front of you and not behind. If you have your child ride behind there is a greater risk of falling off the bike while riding down the road.

3. When you ride, make sure you have an operator's license with a motorcycle endorsement along with liability insurance.

4. Whatever you do, never let other kids give rides to small toddlers on their scooters and electric scooters. Extra weight on a scooter makes it a little more difficult to control.

5. Above all, wear safety helmets. The better helmets are the ones that cover the entire face.

These are worthwhile safety tips that you should keep in mind while joy riding with a small child. So on your next joy ride with your little boy or girl, please be careful.

Do You Really Need A Customized Motorcycle?

Motorcycles have been popular for decades and more people realize their dream of owning one every year. But, shopping for a motorcycle that fits you comfortably can be very time consuming. You have to be comfortable while riding and you need to be able to control the bike for safety. Most motorcycle accidents happen to new riders who have not chosen their motorcycle wisely. A customized motorcycle that is designed exactly the way you want it might not be the best option either.

Although a motorcycle that is built especially for you might be pleasing to the eye there are considerations
1. A customized motorcycle can cost upwards of $100,000.00, more than buying a house.
2. Finding a reputable builder
3. It usually takes months to build
4. Insurance and cost of repairs
5. Replacement would be difficult if not impossible
Although you can't customize all of the features of a prebuilt motorcycle from your local dealer, there are many that you can. Having someone build a customized motorcycle for you is an option but, you may find you can make the changes you are looking for to a bike at your local dealer.
1. Order a motorcycle from a dealer and change some of the options
2. These motorcycles have a manufacturer's warranty that can be easily extended
3. The price is more affordable and can often be negotiated
4. Easily customizable with readily available parts
There are some bikers that are capable of building their own custom motorcycle and many of them have. The main reason a person may need a customized motorcycle would be a disability that prevents them from riding a standard one. Even with this in mind it is possible to find a bike from a local dealer that can be modified at the factory to fit the need. This type of option would still require a little time to build but would be much more affordable.
Another reason for a special build would be weight. The average motorcycle recommends a 350 pound weight limit. This could make it difficult and dangerous for a large person to carry a rider. There are options for these situations as well, consider a side car or a trike rather than a customized motorcycle.
If you are especially short or tall you might think you can't find a bike that fits you comfortably but, that's not the case. You may need to shop around a little more but most manufactures provide a variety of styles to fit just about every rider and you will find one you are comfortable with.
The point is, you don't need to have an expensive customized motorcycle built for you unless you want it. But if you choose to have one custom built to your specifications you will want to make sure you choose a reputable builder unless you plan to build it yourself. Find out about their warranty if any and refund policies if you are not satisfied. In most cases the builder will require a significant deposit that may not be refundable. You will want to be involved as the build progresses to insure your desires are being met.
Owning and riding your own motorcycle can be a very relaxing way to spend your free time, and an inexpensive form of transportation especially with the price of gas today. The average motorcycle holds about 4 gallons of gas and can get up to 300 miles per tank full.

Motorcycle Troubleshooting

When troubleshooting a motorcycle, first start with the basics. These simple tests can work for any small engine. All engines need three basic things to run fuel, spark and air. These simple things can cause your motorbike to not start up or run poorly. First start off with the fuel remove the hose off the tank and make sure the fuel is flowing properly. Some bikes will have to turn the fuel selector to prime, not on, or fuel will not flow. Take a flashlight and look down into the tank, is the fuel varnished or is there dirt in the tank? Older motorbikes had a problem with tanks rusting inside and would plug the screen up inside the tank. Fuel delivery may still be a problem but we will come back to that later.

Next remove the spark plugs, you may need to remove the tank to reach them. Inspect every spark plug as you take them out. All the spark plugs should look the same. If a plug looks white colored, that cylinder may be (lean) and not getting enough fuel. If you have a plug that looks wet and black, that cylinder may getting too much fuel (rich) or not sparking good. Remove all the spark plugs and snap the plugs back into their wires. Set the spark plugs on the engine so that they can ground themselves. Crank the bike over and watch the plugs for sparks, preferably somewhere dark. Make sure you look at all the plugs to make sure they are all sparking. If one spark looks weak check the wire and plug, if old or worn replace them. If their is no spark the coil may be bad.

If you have any test equipment such as an ohm meter, you can find out what the resistance reading should be for your bikes coils. This way you will know for sure if the coils are o.k. If the ignition system looks fine move on to the carburetors. First, if the bike has not been maintained recently (a problem in itself) make sure the carbs are synchronized. To do this you need a vacuum gauge made for this. Remove the small rubber plug located between the carbs and the cylinder. Attach the gauge and take the readings from each cylinder. Replace the caps when not measuring or it won't run right. Adjust the throttle screw or linkage for that carb until they all read close to one another.

Refer back to inspecting the spark plugs. If one cylinder looked lean or rich check all hoses for cracks and air leaks. If the motorcycle has not been run in awhile the carbs may be (gummed up). Remove the float bowl off the bottom of the carb. Look in the bowl for dark varnish looking gas. If the fuel looks dark you will probably have to remove the pilot and main jets and carefully run a wire through the center hole to clean them out. Be careful to not bend the float as the height needs to be correct to run well also. Check that the small needle attached to the float between the pivot point, is moving up and down. If it doesn't move smoothly the carb will not fill up with gas or will run low as your driving down the road.

Make sure you check the battery also, if they become weak the ignition system won't have enough power to keep the bike running smoothly. If you still haven't found anything make sure you valve lash has been checked at the correct mileage intervals. If not this can cause many problems with the way it runs. Also you can screw a compression gauge into the spark plug holes and check that they are within 5-10% of each other. If one is way down you have a serious problem either with the pistons, bore or valves. This should be a good start to finding a general problem with your motorbike.

High Demand for BMW Used Classic Motorcycles

Why there are so much BMW motorcycles for sales in the market today? A reason is simple, you buy a BMW motorcycle then you're a winner. It will save a lot of money of you when you buy a second hand or previously used motorcycles. Do you know what happen to the motorcycles when they going outside the showroom, you have to believe that there value is going down with some good percentage. The great advantages of BMW motorcycles for sale are it has a long life and also very good reliability. It always something to consider that is BMW motorcycles for sale are cheap than you think, not at all, because of high demand for BMW motorcycles for sale there price is little bit in high side.


In 1923 BMW begin there production with some eye catching improve new technology motorcycle models. It gets attention to all the bike lovers to choose BMW motorcycles with attractive styling and great performance. So before buying the BMW motorcycles you have to re check the legal papers of the bike because there are plenty of dealers sale used BMW bikes.

Another few things we should look after that the BMW bike you're going to buy should have less repairing in the future. SO you have to go through each and every part like clutches, plugs, lights, handles and breaks and so on of the bike before buying. When think about the sellers we all know that what kind of people are they. Some sellers try to make big profit by selling the bikes. SO we have to find whether price of the motorcycles for sales is worth to buy. So make sure all the things are perfectly match before buying the motorcycle.

When we talk about the main models of BMW motorcycles for sales are K and R series. K-series has the most of power because it has 3 or 4 cylinders within it. But R-series has only 2 cylinders within it. Another low rang model is F-series which only have a single cylinder and also chain and carburetor within it. R-series two types of motorcycles are old carburetor motorcycles and new modern fuel injected motorcycles. But if we talk about K-series it is most expendable motorcycles with better reliability, constancy and stability and it's a dream of bike lovers.

The latest machine of K-series bikes if F800.Name also implies it's a strong bike. It's make with some incredible engine that has 6 gears with horsepower up to 8500rpm.It's speed is amazing to see. So if you have a bike like that its means your dreams come true.

Original Kawasaki KZ200 Picture

The pictures below was taken by Jürgen N a professional photograper from Kulmbach, Germany. The interesting thing about these photographs is the authenticity of the Kawasaki KZ200 is still maintained. Very hard to find condition Z200 motorcycle that still retains its original shape. Since most of this motorcycle has been modified a chopper or a Bobber style. Indeed in some countries in Europe, classic motorcycle enthusiasts usually prefer to retain their original shape rather than turn it into another form. 
Kawasaki Z200 blue (Epson Photo PC3000)  Kawasaki Z200 blue x2 (Nikon D40)

Kawasaki Z200 black (Epson Photo PC3000)
Kawasaki Z200 green (Epson Photo PC3000)

Classic Motorcycles - The Ducati 750SS

Rather like fellow Italian motorcycle manufacture Moto Guzzi, Ducati was an exotic, yet unpredictable, marquee in the 1970s. The Ducati 750SS was the first foray into big bore machinery for the company. Opinions vary, some thinking it was a collection parts from the famous Dell'Orto catalogue with glass fibre bits and pieces, (including the fuel tank), others feeling that it was simply an evolution from Ducati's GT.
Really, it wasn't important. Despite the drawing board opinions, when ridden, the SS proved to be a very special sports bike and helped pave the way for the release, and success, of the 900SS some two years later. Both the Honda CB750 and Suzuki GT750 were the two bikes that were in many ways the benchmarks in terms of performance and handling at the time of the release of the SS, and with a top speed of 124mph, the SS could compete on level terms.

However, where it excelled was in the "twisties". Even up against more powerful bikes, when it came to cornering and real life speed, in other words not just straight line performance, the SS would leave them in its wake. It built up a deserved reputation as the best cafe style racer of the day, and the best handling superbike to date.
Typical of Ducati, and a style that remains to this day, were the rear mounted footrests and clip-on handlebars. This put it firmly in the sports bracket, pushing the boundaries of sports bikes at that time, and looked different to anything else on the road at that time. It looked stunning with its race seat and optional handlebar fairing. Riding this machine took guts and an ability to cope with the radical riding position, placing as it did a lot of pressure on the wrists and neck muscles.
Production stopped in 1974. It was sometimes regarded as a piece of exotica and sales were not huge. But this 748cc, V-twin broke a mould in many ways, before Ducati moved on, as the rest of the motorcycle industry, to more cubes and more horsepower.


Indonesia has so many Kawasaki KZ200 motorcycle community. Almost in every province there is always one or more of the club Kawasaki KZ200 that in this country better known by the name of Binter Merzy. And the more unique they are closely inter-club in kinship with each other. If one club holding an event, then uninvited other clubs will come to enliven the event. The community is very unique, and very thick with a family atmosphere. Here are some KZ200 Kawasaki Motorcycle Club is still active today.
And Special thanks for Merzy Club Bandung Raya (MCBR) to provide this list.


Jl. Pondok Jaya II No. 44 Mampang Jakarta Selatan
Contact : (021) 7210903

Kantor Dinas Olah Raga dan Pemuda
Prop. DKI Jakarta Jl. Jatinegara Timur No.55 Jakarta
Contatc : (021) 8193892

Jalan Selamet No. 9 Guntur (Jakarta Selatan- Menteng)
Contact : Rian Leleng (021 95913224)
E-mail :

Fans of KZ200 Community
Jl. Pisangan Baru Timur No.17 jakarta 13110
Contact :
e-mail :
Phone : (021) 8511777 & 081317857495





Jl.Ringroad Utara 262 Gorongan 06/02
Condongcatur Depok Sleman Yogyakarta 55281
Contact : (0274) 487504

Jl. Argolubang No. 1 Yogyakarta
Contact :
Official Site :
Phone : 081392363767


Jl.Kaliurang km 7.8
Gang. Banteng Utama No.31 Sinduharjo
Ngaglik Sleman
Contact :
Phone : (0274) 883734
(0274) 6585137 ---Budi
Perum Taman Royal 3 CLuster Akasia 2 Blok AS no. 10 Tangerang
Phone : 081318825542 ---Gunawan

Jl. Kenangan 1 Purbosari Wonosari,
Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta
Contact: 08122967360



Jl. Paledang Bogor
Contact :
E-mail :
Phone : +622517173060

Jl. Braga 45 Bandung
Contact :
E-mail :
Phone : 08122345263

Jl A. Yani No.238 Sukabumi
Contact :
e-mail :
Phone : 0266 7117402, 08164636943

Karangampel. Indramayu. West Java.
e-mail :
phone : 0812217415 (Mr. Jack)

Jl. Tengah Tani Raya 72 Cirebon, Jawa Barat
Contact : 081802380040 (Fajar)

Jl. Galeong RT.04/ RW.07 Tangerang, Banten
Contact : (021) 5587830

Jl. Puri Nirwana 2 Blok V No. 9 Cibinong
Contact : (021) 8758930

Jl. Margonda No.45 Rt.02/II Depok –Jawa Barat

Komplek Villa Intan III Blok XI/10 Klayan Cirebon – Jawa Barat
Jl. Nagarawangi Tasikmalaya, Jawa Barat
Conact : 08122196734

Jl. Ahmad Yani No.48 Cipicung Kuningan Jawa barat

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Gg. Fatah II
Bandung Jawa Barat
Official SIte :

Jl. Kamayakan D-37 Cimahi, Jawa Barat
Contacts : (022) 2500298

Jl. Pandawa Raya 1, Warung Jambu Atas, Bogor Jawa Barat
Contact : Mac Rusmana (0251) 2167260
Blues (0251) 7123280
e-mail :

Jl. Cikutra Gg.Sekepondok II No.13 Cicadas,Bandung Jawa Barat
Contact : (022) 7211523 Fax.(022) 4221004
Gg. Menteng Bogor, Jawa Barat

Jl. Cimuncang Blk 17
Contact : 08156006644
Feri (022) 7210903

Ruko Automotif Centre Galuh Mas No.2
Karawang, Jawa Barat
Contact : 08159281882

Jl. Gunungsari 15 Tuparev
Cirebon Jawa Barat
Contact :
E-mail :
Phone : 081324349943

Contact :
E-mail :
Phone : 081510477177

Bengkel Netral Jaya Kalimalang
Contact : Daniel (08158236276)
E-mail :
Basecamp di bengkel Netral Jaya Kalimalang

Jl. Pintu Ledeng No. 5
Ciomas, Bogor, Jawa Barat
Contact : 081511892233

Jl. Mayor Abdurrrahman no. 218
Contact :
Phone : 081321774243, 081321204585
E-mail :

Jl Raya Cmalaka (Rasta Shop)
Phone : 085222193933 (CHINO DALUR)
E-mail :

Contact :
email :

Jl. A.H. Nasution No. 2 Cipadung-Ujung Berung, Bandung.
(Bengkel Mobil Cahaya Cemerlang).
Official Facebook Page








Jl. Raya Moga Pulo Sari RT. 04 RW.06 Moga, Pemalang, Jawa Tengah
E-mail :
Phone : 081911500453
Official Site :

Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara No.278 Duku Talit, Juwana Pati
Jawa Tengah

Jl. Kerinci Wanarejan Pemalang – 56121 Jawa Tengah
Contact : (0284) 322957

Jl. Manjukri No.15 Kauman Magelang, Jawa Tengah
Contact : (0293) 363333, Fax. (0293)311113

Jl. Bima I No.235 GTI Tahunan Jepara, Jawa Tengah
Contact : (0291) 593170

Jl. Karya Bakti Pekalongan Jawa Tengah
Contact : (0285) 576411

Jaka Jaya Motor
Jl. Brigjend Encung Purwokerto, Jawa Tengah

Jl. Sendangguwo SLT Rt 011/II Semarang Jawa Tengah.
Contact : (024) 8707569

Jl. Lettu. Sugiarno Bengkel Fajar, Muntilan Jawa Tengah

Jl. Dipoyuda No.17 Banjarnegara, Jawa Tengah
Contact : (0286) 594794

Jl. Batam Perum GSP , Blok A.3 No. 25 Cilacap
Contact : (0282) 538390,532231HP. 08179418168, 08122704344, 08122706998

Jl. Puspa XI No.18 Cangkring Malang
Blulukan,Colomadu Karanganyar, Jawa Tengah
Contact : (0271) 724377

Jl. HM. Sarbini 69 Sumbing No. 47 Kebumen Jawa Tengah,
Contact : (0287) 382274

Ds. Komalan Rt 01 No. 12 Blora Jawa Tengah
KZ2000 SEMARANGKios No.19 Pasar Burung Karimata Semarang, Jawa Tengah
Contact : (024) 3581375

Jl. Blimbing No.5 Semarang, Jawa Tengah
Contact : (024) 8452341

Samping Museum Kretek Gg. Kr. Manggis, Jawa Tengah

Jl. Mayor Kusmanto No.108 Klaten, Jawa Tengah
Contact : (0272) 321067 Fax.(0272) 321067

Jl. R.Suprapto No.102 Purwodadi grobogan Jawa Tengah
Contact : (0292) 551605

Sekretariat : Jl. Pabrik Pari No.10 Juwana, Jawa Tengah
Contact : 081325120601,08882595462

Jl. Tentara Pelajar Kota Baru 7 No. 21 RT.03 RW.20
Brebes 52212
Contact :
e-mail :
Phone : (0283) 3292187



Jl. Hamid Rusdi Timur VII/53
Malang, Jawa Timur
Contact : (0341) 358493

Jl. Jaksa Agung R.Suprapto No.12 Mojokerto, Jawa Timur

Jl. Wisma Sarinadi T-33 Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur
Contact : (031) 8966980

Jl. Sidorukun Lebar 31 Surabaya, Jawa Timur
Contact : (031) 8966980

Jl. Imam Bonjol 105 Krian SIdoarjo, Jawa Timur
Contact: (031) 8972309

Jl. Petemon III SUrabaya, Jawa Timur
Contact : (031) 5490690

Jl. Ksatrian Perum Park Royal Regency Blok R1 No.9 Buduran Sidoarjo
Contact :
e-mail :
phone :0818 2644861

Jl. Sono Indah Utara No. 4 RT.02/05 Sidokerto, Buduran
Contact : Purnama (085648540321)

Jl. Semeru 1 A-9
68121 Jember, Jawa Timur
Contact :
Phone : 081311400773
E-mail :

Jl. Raya cimanggu no 27 pos 53256
Kontak Person : Herri (081542622500)


Seketariat Jalan Raya Nginden No.135 
Contact Person : Bagonk 0818317351 - 03170272955, Jaka 081931055774 - 0317787594


Jl. Nangka Utara Permata Arsandi B/27
Denpasar, Bali
Contact : (0361) 418227

Jln. Gunung Sasak No:28 Dasan Agung Mataram Lombok NTB.
Tlp. ( 0370 ) 6825717 Hp: 0818366183 ( IRFAN )


Jl.Kapten A. Rivai / Bintan No.952 RT.015 RW.004
Lorok Pakjo Ilir Barat I, Palembang 30137
Contact :
e-mail :
Phone : 08136883328 & 0819684829

Jl. Panglima Polim Comp. TNI No. 38 Segalaminder
Tanjung Karang Barat, Bandar Lampung
Contact: (0721) 706715

Jl. Belat No.44 Medan Sumatera Utara
Tlp. (0616) 631781

Jl. Fajar Harapan No.5 Batoh Leung Bata Banda Aceh
Contact :
Phone : 08126907771 - 08126914205
E-mail :

Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 2/3 Taba Pingin Lubuk Linggau 31626
(Rental Komputer Ina-Com Depan Kompi bantuan)

Jl. Kapten Pattimura Jambi
Contact :
e-mail :
phone : 085266138123 


Jalan raya Prokimal, komplek permukiman AL 
Kota Bumi Lampung Utara. 
Telp. 08127904394




Jl. Telogorejo No.2 Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur
Contatc : 08164593561

Triumph Motorcycles History

Author: marikxon manurung

Triumph motorcycles has always provided that special experience by engineering motorcycles that combine a immense riding experience blended by a well-balanced, straightforward perfect handling chassis mounted with a strong muscular, supple get behind me engines.

Motorcycle enthusiast must be knows about Triumph motorcycle, but not every motorcycle lovers know about the history of Triumph motorcycle. Triumph motorcycles are rich in history. The bikes were made famous during the war times. Remember all the war movies that had a soldier riding a motorcycle? Chances are, it was probably a Triumph. History sometimes throws up some strange truths, no more so than that which tells us, that the most British of motorcycles owes its existence to a German.


In 1883, men with name Siefried Bettmann created the motorcycle company which would later be known as the maker of Triumph motorcycles. Siefried Bettman known as an ambitious young man, he bought and sold bicycles and imported sewing machines from Germany. Then in 1886, he changed the name of the company to the Triumph Cycle Company, a name synonymous with British bikes was born. The company are significant development, especially when the fellow countryman Moritz Schulte arrival to the company. The Triumph has been in the business for quite some time, but its journey isn’t without seemingly insurmountable challenges.

In 1889, the Triumph began distributing bicycles and went on to develop motorcycles. They began to produce motorcycles by 1902, which were fitted with a Belgian-made engine. Then in 1903, as production rose to more than 500 units, Triumph then went on to produce motorcycles in Germany factory. The company had a break during the First World War.

After the war, Bettmann and Schulte could not agree about the issue of car manufacture, and Schulte decided to leave the company. In 1920, the company bought the former Hillman car factory in Coventry, and by 1923 had produced the first car bearing the name of The Triumph Motor Company. The journey of the triumph of Triumph motorcycle is long tail story, then nowadays we can see that Triumph are one of the best motorcycles in the world. Today they have not lost the touch and if you desire they are still producing a rocket between your legs.

About the Author

This article provided by Marikxon Manurung on You can also can get more motorcycle information, free! If you’re looking for honest evaluations of the newest, you’ll find the reviews from these site helpful! Hope you find what you need, and just enjoy it.

Women’s Motorcycle Jacket - Safety And Fashionable

There is so many woman riders want to buy a motorcycle jacket that is very stylish. And lots of folks want to buy a motorcycle jacket that looks cool and fashionable, especially for women motorcycle rider. But, it’s known that very few know how to actually buy such a jacket. Women riders usually need a fashionable jacket, while the jackets also serve as protective riding gears. These women’s motorcycle jackets are trendy giving desired complete protection.

Actually, women’s motorcycle jacket are not only great for safety reason, they are also great for the rider comfort whether they are just riding around town, or long journey. Motorcycle jackets can also offer just plain style to riders who wear them. These jackets offered in a variety of materials, styles and colors, woman riders can truly customize their appearance when riding motorcycle.


When it’s comes to you to choose the right jacket, there is few things that you must concern. You must concern the material of your riding jackets. For the reason of safety riding gears so it is must made from good quality materials. Jackets generally made from leather, ballistic nylon, corduroy, or other synthetics. Most of motorcycle jackets are made from leather materials, this material not only giving the rider protection from the elements and from injury in the event of crash but also can purchase it with fashionable styles.

The women’s motorcycle jacket does not suffer from the same stereotypes as the men’s jackets suffer. It is expected that a man’s jacket will make the wearer macho and masculine. The women’s motorcycle jacket should be useful in all riding conditions. If it is useful in cool or cold conditions only, then it is of no use. The jacket should serve you well even in hot conditions.

Every woman rider actually wants riding in comfort condition, so it is a must to wear a woman motorcycle jacket which is made from good quality and also light in weight. When you travel for many hours on the road, a heavy jacket will add to your fatigue. A light weight jacket will make your riding a lot more enjoyable.

Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycle

Author: Martin Davies

Harley Davidson has been considered as the iconic American bile for ages and owning this bike is luxury for some and sheer passion for a lot of others.
Harley Davidson Motor Company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in USA is the manufacturer of these fine motorcycles.

The Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycle happens to be the proud member of the Harley Davidson Motorcycles family and came into existence in the year 1958.

The Sportsters bikes were inaccurately based on the then popular K-model racer. The first ever Harley Davidson Sportster was pretty lightweight, relatively narrow and stripped down and had earned a good amount fanfare among the sports bike enthusiasts.

Many bike lovers believe that the Harley Davidson Sportster gradually evolved to become the Harley's cruiser bike model.

There is a group of people who also like to call this beautiful bike as the semi-sports bike, now that is an interesting way to name a bike!

Today's evolved Sportster resembles the XLCH Sportster bike model that was created in the year 1958 but amusing enough every single part of the Sportster is different when compared to the XLCH Sportster of 1958.

The batteries and battery boxes, engines, carburetors and air cleaners, exhaust, mufflers, brakes and rotors, rotors, cables and charges, gas tank, oil tank, swing arm, rear shocks, wheels, forks, frames, everything is different but surprisingly the resemblance is austere.

One has to bear in mind that Harley Davidson bikes have always been considered as or rather was intended to be the chopper style bikes. In fact it was Harley Davidson bike that has given a rise to the new whole new cult of custom created bikes.

People often find this fact as contradictory but then if you have ever owned a Harley Davidson or have been an avid admirer of any model of Harleys you would know what it means to be believe in evolution but not revolution.
It is this characteristic of the Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycle that has made the bike what it is today, a truly retro yet state-of-the-art bike till this date.

It is for this fact that the Harley Davidson motorcycle company, which is the oldest motorcycle manufacturing company, has retained its popularity and credibility as the one of the most renowned motorcycle companies in the world.

The Sportster Motorcycle too lives up to the standards set by the earlier models of Harley Davidson's motorcycle company. By this yardstick the Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycle is a real-time example of the evolving work or let's say a work in progress. Have you ever seen two Sportsters that looked exactly the same?

Believe me one doesn't have to be a Harley Davidson motorcycle fanatic to be able to answer this. Any layman who knows a little bit about Harleys will answer the question. You will never find two Sportsters that look same, it is again for the reason that the like any other Harley Davidson bike, the Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycle too is full of possibilities when it comes to the additions and modifications.

This is especially true for the basic XLH 883 and XLH 1200 models. The type and number of modifications that you can do to your Harleys Sportster can be limited only by your own creativity and imagination.

Whether it's engine performance, safety accessories, comfort and convenience accessories, appearance accessories, the possibilities are many.

It is the final touches that you give to your Sportster that lends the personality to your Sportster.
No wonder that even today a well-maintained and well-treated Sportster is capable of fetching you a 100% of the original cost price as the resale value.


About the Author
Martin Davies enjoys writing about motorcyles and in particular the Harley Davidson Sportster and often blogs on all topics related with Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

History of BSA Motorcycles

BSA was founded in 1861 in the Gun Quarter, Birmingham, England by fourteen gunsmiths of the Birmingham Small Arms Trade Association, who had together supplied arms to the British government during the Crimean War.

During World War 1, the company returned to arms manufacture and greatly expanded its operations.  At the peak of the war, the Group factories were employing approximately 20000 people.  BSA produced rifles, Lewis guns, shells, motorcycles and other vehicles for the war effort.

After the armistice, it was decided to put the Company’s three main activities under separate management, and so three new subsidiaries were formed, these were BSA Cycles, BSA Guns and BSA Tools.

As well as the Daimler car range, BSA re-entered the car market under their own name in 1921 with a V-twin engined light car followed by four-cylinder models up to 1926 when the name was temporarily dropped.  In 1929 a new range of 3 and 4 wheel cars appeared and production of these continued until 1936.

In 1931 the Lanchester Motor Company was acquired and production of their cars transferred to Daimler's Coventry works.

126,000 BSA M20 motorcycles were supplied to the armed forces, from 1937 (and later until 1950) plus military bicycles including the folding paratrooper bicycle. At the same time, the Daimler concern was producing armoured cars.
    The BSA Group bought Triumph Motorcycles in 1951, making them the largest producer of motorcycles in the world.  The cycle and motor cycle interests of Ariel, Sunbeam and New Hudson were also acquired.  Most of these had belonged to Sangster.

    In 1960 Daimler was sold off to Jaguar.

    The BSA bicycle division, BSA Cycles Ltd., was sold to Raleigh in 1956. Bicycles bearing the BSA name are currently manufactured and distributed within India by TI Cycles of India.

    The final range was just four models: Gold Star 500, 650 Thunderbolt/Lightning and the 750 cc Rocket Three.
      However, the plan involved the axing of some brands, large redundancies and consolidation of production at two sites.  This scheme to rescue and combine Norton, BSA and Triumph failed in the face of worker resistance.  Norton's and BSA's factories were eventually shut down, while Triumph staggered on to fail four years later.

      Out of the ashes of receivership, the NVT Motorcycles Ltd company which owned the rights to the BSA marque, was bought-out by the management and renamed the BSA Company.

      In 1991, the BSA (motorcycle) Company merged with Andover Norton International Ltd., to form a new BSA Group, largely producing spare parts for existing motorcycles.

      In December 1994, BSA Group was taken over by a newly formed BSA Regal Group.  The new company, based in Southampton, has a large spares business and has produced a number of limited-edition, retro-styled motorcycles.

      Getting the Best Motorcycle Exhausts for Your Bike

      By Shareef Hassan

      You definitely would have noticed bikers producing high powerful noises passing by you with a rocket speed. Then there is a category of bikers who own bikes but are not that sort of powerful noisy bikers. The difference is natural but putting it aside, there is one more reason behind this noisy or 'mute' riding. Everyone in this world wants to be noticed. So, he adopts different ways to communicate his inner. There are different ways of communicating our inner. Normally we adopt the ways for this purpose that we like. A music composer communicates his inner through composing sad or happy music composition. Same is the case with a writer, a poet and of course a biker. A biker with powerful noise depicts that he is aggressive in his thoughts. So, people have installed different Motorcycle Exhausts in their bikes.


      Whatever the reason or way or representation of one's thoughts is, there are always certain limitations one has to follow. A poet can't put vulgarity element in his poetry. Same is the case with a writer. He has to follow certain set patterns and code of ethics of a society where he dwells to represent his thoughts.

      There are stock as well as custom Motorcycle Exhausts available in the market to fetch the thirst of choices that different bikers make. Yet there are certain points to be remembered when you look for a motorcycle exhaust installment in your bike. Unlike stock motorcycle exhausts, custom exhausts are manufactured in a variety of forms depending on the choices of the motorbike lovers. Whenever you want to buy an exhaust for your bike, you should know the capacity of noise it produces and state laws in which you want to ride on it. It really feels annoying when your bike horse power becomes irritating for people living in your neighborhood intruding on their sound sleep. This is the reason behind the establishment of these state laws.

      Freedom is a good thing and the basic human rights of every human being as well. The point is how we define this word freedom. If your freedom intrudes into others' peaceful environment, it's definitely not acceptable since you definitely don't want others to interfere in your personal and private issues. So, try to install exhausts that are matched with your environment.

      Shareef is an expert manufacturer of Motorcycle Exhausts and writes articles to share about the latest trends in industry and solutions to motorcycle lovers.
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      Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
      Phone: 1-937-242-6089
      Fax: (937) 242-6395

      Kawasaki KZ200 Cable Scheme


      Here the original cable scheme diagram for Kawasaki KZ200 European and US Market.


      Just download for larger image.

      What are Bobber Style?

      Sometimes I get bored with the standard style motorcycle. it occurred to me to modify it, but at a cost that is not too high. And not too long in the process. In other words, something simple but still has artistic value and functionality of a motorcycle.

      After searching the style to suit my taste, my choice finally fell on Bobber style.
      What are Bobber Style?
      A bobber is a motorcycle that usually has had the front fender removed, the rear fender "bobbed" or made smaller and all superfluous items removed to make it lighter. [Wikipedia]
      Bobber choppers are distinguished from regular choppers because their fenders have either been shortened or entirely removed. Bobbing (or removing) the fenders is one of the first things that a custom chopper builder considers to make an ordinary bike look like a true chopper. [Custom Chopper Guide]
      Bobbers are related to choppers in that they represent a minimalistic approach where the motorcycle is stripped of parts or accessories not needed but bobbers generally leaving the characteristics of the stock frame.
      The principal difference between a bobber and chopper is that bobbers are typically built around unmodified frames. Chopper frames are often cut and welded into shape. Bobbers also often lack most of the chopper's aesthetic characteristics such as chromed parts and elongated forks. Thus, bobbers are fairly easy to create from stock motorcycles and are generally hand built.

      The term chopper started to be used from the late 1960s onwards, a movement inspired the Peter Fonda movie "Easy Rider", for motorcycles whose frames had been customized to have a greater angle at which the front suspension protruded with smaller fuel tanks and tall handlebars called ape hangers. For many owners, the difference between bobbers and choppers doesn't come down to what's on the motorcycle but what isn't on it and whether it has a short front end or a long front end, stretched suspension defining it is a chopper.
      Whereas customized motorcycles can be extremely expensive, bobber builders tend to adopt an economical approach involving old, second hand, recycled parts and hand machined items redolent of the period before the mass-market motorcycle accessory industry had developed.

      Motorcycle Helmet - Things You Should Know

      Motorcycle, dirt bike or big bike whatever you call it, still this thing has one thing in common vulnerability to a crash or an intense impact. For this, before you venture yourself in riding it you better know some precautionary measures to avoid a fatal accident.

      First thing is to make sure you are wearing your protective gear especially a helmet. For any reason, a helmet can save your life. It protects your head from fatal injury in case you will have a crash and an impact to your head would be inevitable. This gadget will serve as an outer shell protecting your head as well as your brain as it will absorb the impact with the cushion inside.


      The thing is designed to give you comfort and prevent you from distractions like snowflakes, dust and strong wind. The windshield or the visors will prevent your eyes from any debris that will irritate your eyes, which might cause an accident. That is why visors are thicker and should be scratch free in order for you to have a clear vision of the road. It would also prevent you from having sunburn on your face.

      Consequently, wearing your helmet is necessary since it is required by the law. It is mandated by the State that people should always wear their helmet every time they will be riding their motorbike to prevent a tragic accident.

      Since there are several kinds of these helmets it is advised that people should find one that is comfortable for them to wear. They must also see to it that the kind of helmet they will be using is appropriate for the place and occasion they will be heading because wearing the wrong thing on their heads might turn out to be big destruction instead of protection.

      Another thing for you to know about your helmet is the fit - make sure you are comfortable with it. It should not be too tight or too loose. It should have a good fitting to your head, that when you will be heading outdoors it will not be a nuisance to your ride.

      Finally, by wearing your helmet, you will be proving to everybody that you are a law abiding citizen and that you are responsible for your deeds. Thus obeying the law is your primary concern as an individual and as citizen of the nation. Besides, helmets protect your life while you're on board that bike. This alone should be reason enough for you to wear one.

      Head gear is important to protect injury. You can either wear a biker face mask or maybe open faced motorcycle helmets, whichever fits you.

      Kawasaki KZ-200 Series

      1977-78 KZ200-A1

      • Single Over Head
      • Camshaft
      • 5-Speed Return Shift
      • Color
      • Fuel Tank: Cerulean Blue, Garnet Brown
      • Front Fender: Chrome
      • Engine No.: KZ200AE000001-
      • Frame No.: KZ200A-000004 -
      • Parts Catalogue No.: 99997-683 plus 99997-683-01R, (G) 99997-683-50S, (E) 99997-687
      • Owner's Manual No.: 99932-001-00, (E) 99983-052-00
      • Shop Manual No.: 99931-541-00
      • Remarks: Four-stroke, single-cylinder commuter, with mechanical front disc brake, safety side stand, and electric starter. Steering lock is combined with ignition switch.

      1979 KZ200-A2

      • 200 cc
      • Four-stroke, 1 Cylinder
      • Over Head Camshaft
      • 5-Speed, Return Shift
      • Tire Sire
      • Front: 2.75- 18 4PR
      • Rear: 3-25-17 6PR
      • Color
      • Fuel Tank: Metallic Black (except (L)), Firecracker Red
      • Front Fender: Chrome
      • Engine No.: KZ200AE026501~
      • Frame No.: KZ200A-026501~
      • Parts Catalogue No.: (U) 99910-1027-01 plus 99910-1027-50R, -51R
      • (E) 99910-1041-02, (G) 99930-1052-02
      • Service Manual No.:
      • (U) 99924-1009-01,(E)(G) 99931-541-03
      • Owner's Manual No.:
      • (U) 99920-1047-01, (E)(G) 99922-1025-02
      • Remarks: Four-stroke, 1 Cylinder Commuter. Mechanical front disc 'brake, safety side stand, electric starter, steering lock combined with ignition switch.


      1980 KZ200-A3

      • Color
      • Fuel Tank : Firecracker Red , Metallic Black
      • Front Fender: Chrome
      • Engine No.: KZ200AE036501 -
      • Frame No.: KZ200A-036611 -
      • Parts Catalogue No. : Same as KZ200-A2
      • Service Manual No.: 99931-541-03
      • Owner's Manual No.: 99922-1080-02 , (S) 99923-1016-01
      • Major Changes: Automatic chain tensioner, carburetor, fork emblem.


      1981 KZ200-A4

      • Color
      • Fuel Tank: Brilliant Blue, Moon Dust Silver
      • Front Fender: Chrome
      • Engine No.: KZ200AE054201
      • Frame No.: KZ200A-042001
      • Parts Catalogue No.: 99910-1131-01 , (E) Microfiche
      • Service Manual No.: 99931-541-03
      • Owner's Manual No.: 99922-1101-01
      • Major Changes: Transistorized ignition, color & graphic, rear shock absorbers.


      1982 KZ200-A5

      • Four-stroke, 1 Cylinder, Single Over Head Camshaft,
      • 5-Speed, Return Shift
      • Color
      • Fuel Tank: Luminous Passion Red, Galaxy Silver
      • Front Fender: Chrome plated
      • Engine No: KZZOOAE068501 -
      • Frame No: KZZ00A-045804 -
      • Parts Catalogue No: 99910-1731-02
      • Service Manual No: 99931-541-05
      • Owner's Manual No: 99922-1774-01
      • Remarks: Commuter bike. Mechanical front disc brake, rear drum brake, steering lock combined with ignition switch.


      1983-85 KZ200-A6

      • Color
      • Fuel Tank: Galaxy Silver, Luminous Passion Red
      • Front Fender: Chrome plated
      • Engine No: KZ200AE082501 -
      • Frame No: KZ200A-046801 -
      • Parts Catalogue No: 99910-1316-01
      • (UK) 99917-5162-02 (Micro)
      • Service Manual No: Same as 2200-A5
      • Owner's Manual No: 99922-1233-02
      • Changes: Hydraulic front disc brake, Camshaft, balancer mechanism.


      Classic Motorcycles - Kawasaki Z1

      Picture by Japanesse Classic

      The powerhouse of the Japanese motorcycle industry was already starting to dominate the small to mid capacity range by the mid 1960s.

      Despite famously believing that the Japanese would never enter the last area of motorcycle manufacture they did not already almost dominate, the 500cc+ class, the British motorcycle industry suffered a body blow in 1968.

      Triumph had just released their new big bike, the Trident, a 750cc in line triple, which they hoped would open up a new era in motorcycling, moving as it did away from the popular and accepted twins of the day.

      In one sense they were right, bikes were set to get bigger. Where they got it spectacularly wrong however, was in underestimating their Japanese competition, to their supreme cost.
      Indeed, just a few months after the launch of the Trident, in October 1968, Honda launched their CB750 at the Tokyo Motorcycle show.
      To cut a long story short, this absolutely trounced everything else in its class, and is often regarded as the first true superbike.
      But it wasn't just Triumph who suffered. Honda just beat Kawasaki in the race to lead the 750cc class.

      Since early 1967, Kawasaki had been working on a 750cc machine of their own, for a 1968 launch. The launch of the Honda however beat them to the mark, and the Kawasaki was dropped without going into full production. Kawasaki retreated into their lair, bruised, disappointed, but far from broken. They had a plan.
      The CB750 was the bike to beat in the early 1970s, and Kawasaki was absolutely determined not just to beat it, but to outclass it. And they did.

      In fact, what they did was introduce a new class to the general motorcycling public, the 900cc class in the form of its Z1.

      Kawasaki wanted this machine to be perfect from the start. The Honda CB750 had moved bikes away from the "character" of oil leaks and broken seals. Reliability was no longer an afterthought, but a basic entry point.
      Now the goal was added power, performance and handling with everything else as standard. Test riders riding under complete secrecy, rode the bikes flat out until the fuel ran out to check reliability; testing was lengthy and without compromise.

      When the Z1 was launched in late 1972, it was the horsepower and handling that was to capture the bike riding community. 15bhp more than the Honda CB750 at 88bhp, made this machine capable of cruising all day at 90mph, and with a top speed of 130, a revelation for the time.

      This bike not only became the new king, but also gave birth to the "unburstable" label given to this and subsequent Kawasaki engines.

      Helmet - Between Style And Safety

      Many people are searching for traditional motorbike helmets these days. A score of shops are present to meet your needs as well as you can find online stores selling helmets. There are various kinds of helmets for you to choose the most suitable one, that would look stylish and give you the much needed protection while driving. With the advent of new technologies there are a lot of designs and graphics that have been developed. They are very lavishly designed to provide you all the comforts including the styles.

      The most commonly used helmet is the motorcycle crash helmets. This type of helmet enables you to cover the entire head including the face portion. It is because of this design that this helmet is one most accepted amongst motorbike riders. It ensures the best deal of protection level unlike the other helmets. It has been seen that the riders going through the trauma of heat, hearing losses and sensation of the claustrophobia usually opt for this helmets.
      Open face helmet belongs to the other helmet type that people go for. It is quite similar to that of a full-face helmet. The only additional feature of these kinds of helmets is the presence of visors, which prevent the passage of sunrays. In a way it acts as a secured mode of protection for the eyes. Half helmet is another kind of helmet that is being used these days. But before you opt to purchase these types of helmets, be assured that the criteria of the government standards are taken good notice of.

      But still if you are not satisfied with the features you can anytime have a custom made one. It really endeavors special effects within itself with its own uniqueness. All the more, custom made helmets provide you with utmost safety, security and style while driving. It should be always remembered that helmets are meant for safety purposes rather than being meant for stylish purposes. Keeping this in mind go for the perfect one for yourself