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Do You Really Need A Customized Motorcycle?

Motorcycles have been popular for decades and more people realize their dream of owning one every year. But, shopping for a motorcycle that fits you comfortably can be very time consuming. You have to be comfortable while riding and you need to be able to control the bike for safety. Most motorcycle accidents happen to new riders who have not chosen their motorcycle wisely. A customized motorcycle that is designed exactly the way you want it might not be the best option either.

Although a motorcycle that is built especially for you might be pleasing to the eye there are considerations
1. A customized motorcycle can cost upwards of $100,000.00, more than buying a house.
2. Finding a reputable builder
3. It usually takes months to build
4. Insurance and cost of repairs
5. Replacement would be difficult if not impossible
Although you can't customize all of the features of a prebuilt motorcycle from your local dealer, there are many that you can. Having someone build a customized motorcycle for you is an option but, you may find you can make the changes you are looking for to a bike at your local dealer.
1. Order a motorcycle from a dealer and change some of the options
2. These motorcycles have a manufacturer's warranty that can be easily extended
3. The price is more affordable and can often be negotiated
4. Easily customizable with readily available parts
There are some bikers that are capable of building their own custom motorcycle and many of them have. The main reason a person may need a customized motorcycle would be a disability that prevents them from riding a standard one. Even with this in mind it is possible to find a bike from a local dealer that can be modified at the factory to fit the need. This type of option would still require a little time to build but would be much more affordable.
Another reason for a special build would be weight. The average motorcycle recommends a 350 pound weight limit. This could make it difficult and dangerous for a large person to carry a rider. There are options for these situations as well, consider a side car or a trike rather than a customized motorcycle.
If you are especially short or tall you might think you can't find a bike that fits you comfortably but, that's not the case. You may need to shop around a little more but most manufactures provide a variety of styles to fit just about every rider and you will find one you are comfortable with.
The point is, you don't need to have an expensive customized motorcycle built for you unless you want it. But if you choose to have one custom built to your specifications you will want to make sure you choose a reputable builder unless you plan to build it yourself. Find out about their warranty if any and refund policies if you are not satisfied. In most cases the builder will require a significant deposit that may not be refundable. You will want to be involved as the build progresses to insure your desires are being met.
Owning and riding your own motorcycle can be a very relaxing way to spend your free time, and an inexpensive form of transportation especially with the price of gas today. The average motorcycle holds about 4 gallons of gas and can get up to 300 miles per tank full.


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