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Cafe Racer The Returning Style

Motorcycle styles and trends do not differ with fashion and fashion. Always changing and sometimes return to the previous period. such as Cafe Racer (Café Racer) style that was once popular in the 1960s is now back into the trend among bike lovers modification.

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Cafe Racer that was popularized by the community of Rock N 'Roll in Britain during the 1960s favored because the style is simple and not too many accessories. Surely by removing some of the motorcycle accessories that are not too important to reduce the maximum load and simplify maintenance.

If you are interested in the Cafe Racer style, should be modified motorcycle-style Cafe Racer is a motorcycle that uses a medium-capacity engine. Because according to the purpose of the Cafe Racer is speed and agility.

Here I show some examples of modifications to the motorcycle with the Cafe Racer style that I got from the internet.

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