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Find the Right Motorcycle Helmets for Your Safety

In today's unpredictable world where numbers of road accidents rising very fast, wearing a helmet while riding a bike is essential to keep yourself safe and secure. Buy a helmet which is high on style content along with being safe and get benefited by it.

Author: Daniel Daly

A helmet that is well chosen and used properly can dramatically decrease the odds of suffering from a drastic brain injury in the event of a motorcycle accident. Most of the accidents which involve bikes cause serious damage to the rider's head and even irreparable brain damage. Therefore, it is obvious why wearing a helmet that fits properly is the single most vital thing that you can do. A motorcycle helmet must be DOT certified so that it is safe and can sustain an accident and protect your head. Other safety gear like a leather jacket, gloves, long leather trousers and boots can definitely help you avoid suffering from painful abrasions (road rash).

There are facilities all over the world that run a battery of tests on safety gear. Only the items that pass their tests should be released for sale, but this is not the case. There is unfortunately a lot of gear on the market that weren't able to withstand the quality control tests. One such test is the drop test. This tests shows whether the helmet would truly be able to protect your skull in the event of an accident. There are committees like the Department of Transportation which uses data from all these findings to certify gear that is adequate for safety. You will come across many uncertified "safety" gear, but it is in your best interest to avoid them.

The term safety gear retention is something that you should be conscious of. It basically means the ability of the safety gear to remain on your head securely. It is obvious that a helmet that comes off while you are involved in a crash is of absolutely no use. A simple check that you could perform to determine if the safety gear will retain its position on your head is to securely strap the safety gear by using the chin strap and then trying to roll the safety gear off your head using your hand. If the safety gear comes off easily, then it will certainly not stay on during an accident. Therefore the safety gear that you choose must pass this test.

Your helmet must be comfortable and the sizing needs to be perfect. It should fit snugly around your head with no strains around your cheek bone or jaw. Every manufacturer has a unique design style so their helmets will fit differently. A properly fitting safety helmet is essential for high retention in an accident. Riders will only wear safety gear that is comfortable, if it's uncomfortable it won't be worn and which is extremely dangerous.

These are some factors that one should keep in mind while deciding which motorcycle helmet to buy. BikerFan.com promotes safety for bikers. They only sell helmets that are DOT certified or Snell certified.  They offer a wide selection of the latest trends in novelty helmets which is why they've been a world leader for the past 10 years.


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