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Jogjakarta Merzy Club

The formation of Jogjakarta Merzy Club originated from KMCI (Kawasaki Motor Club Indonesia). KMCI is an organization whose membership consists of owners of Kawasaki motorcycles manufacturers who stand around in the 1980s. Then in 1992 each of the Kawasaki brand want to stand alone, as a sub from KMCI then came the Kawasaki motorcycle clubs are covered by KMCI. One is the JMC.

JMC was incorporated in the organizational structure of IMMI. Due to a period between vacuum events occurred in 1998-2000, IMMI turn of stewardship and moved to new premises, files bylaws JMC disappeared. So that the JMC members never know when the exact date of JMC was formed. The information that we know only comes from the story Babe aka Mas Antok.

Until now there has never been JMC official stewardship, there are no rules or budget. Because they do not want to be bound by the rules. They agreed that the JMC is a community of lovers and enthusiasts Binter Merzy (a popular name for Kawasaki KZ200) in Jogjakarta. they consider JMC as a forum to establish brotherhood or friendship and information for the Merzy Mania where the members of JMC has a main goal of completing college.

Under the overpass Janti is where they often get-togethers at this time. A place for relaxing as well as sharing information.


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