Putting Into Practice The Concept Of Motorcycle Storage

Motorcycle storage is an important concept for many motorcycle riders, especially those who live in colder climates and only ride their bikes during the warmer months.  This type of storage will keep your motorcycle in tiptop shape and ensure that it is ready to ride when the weather warms up again.  There are a few tips which all motorcycle owners should consider as it relates to storing motorcycles.

Find Good Storage for a Reasonable Price

For many motorcycle owners storing their bike in their own garage during the colder months is an option for them and the best possible one as it doesn’t cost any money to do so.  If you don't own a garage and you want to store it inside during the winter the next step is to find a place to do so.  Depending on where you live you may know of an auto storage facility or garage in your area which stores bikes for a period of time.  This is a good option as long as it is a secure facility and the price is right. 


Work on the Motorcycle Prior to Storage

Depending if you are storing your bike inside or outside, there are a few things you may need to do in order to prepare the motorcycle for storage.  Items such as making sure your engine oil is clean, checking the fuel delivery systems and protecting the various components of the motorcycle from rusting if need be are all important things to consider doing.  The level of winterizing will depend on the storage area, climate in which you live and desire of the motorcycle owner to do so.  More information on this can be gained from your mechanic or motorcycle texts. 

Wash, Wax and Polish

It is also a good idea to give your motorcycle one last thorough cleaning prior to storing it for the wintertime.  In addition to a good wash you should also wax the paint and polish the chrome fixtures on the motorcycle.  This will ensure that all the dirt is off of the bike prior to putting it into storage for a few months. 

Change the Necessary Fluids

You should also consider changing various fluids in the motorcycle before storing it.  Some of the fluids which will need to be checked and changed may include brake fluid, hydraulic clutch fluid and coolant.  This will help to prevent any deposits from forming while it is in motorcycle storage. 

Take It Out For One Last Ride

Last but certainly not least, you should hop on your motorcycle for one last ride.  Find one of the last warm days and spend a couple of hours out on the open road.  Since it will be a while before you get a chance to do so again, taking the bike out for a spin before putting it into motorcycle storage will help to hold you over until the warm weather months arrive again.

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