Classic Motorcycles - The Moto Guzzi S3

In the late 1960s and into the '70s, there was a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer's battle similar to the computer wars of the 1990s, in that the emphasis was on constantly increasing the power. This made for some exciting machines, particularly as the handling aspect came a distant second in their considerations. European manufacturers however, thought differently. The expression "power is nothing without control" was well understood by the likes of Moto Guzzi and their fellow European manufacturers. Whilst they understood power was important and a big selling point for any motorcycle at that time, their priority was in making powerful bikes with "usable" power.

The S3 had a top speed of 125mph and 748cc transverse 90 degree V-twin producing 72bhp. However, more powerful bikes such as Kawasaki's Z1 with a claimed 82bhp was considered no match for the S3 in the real world of twists and turns - in other words, where it mattered. The S3 had a revolutionary braking system. Twin discs on the front and one on the back was nothing new, but their operation was. They were linked. The foot pedal, normally the rear break, operated both the rear brake and one of the front discs, whilst the handlebar lever operated the other front disc.

Combine this with the long, low race developed frame (from the V7Sport) and you had an assured performer that gave the rider confidence in the corners and power with control when needed. There were two main drawbacks for the S3. One was the high foot pegs and clip on handlebars, making the machine difficult to get comfy on for long legged riders.

The second problem was that although the bike handled incredibly well and could show a clean pair of heels to other, more powerful superbikes of the time; it simply lacked the grunt to get it moving. In other words, it was slow from a standing start. However, the "lemon", was going to be arriving in the following year, 1976, and things would change.


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