V-Twin Kawasaki KZ 200 Vintage Chopper Style

This modification is unique and unusual. As we know that the Kawasaki KZ200 is a single-cylinder motorcycle. I was curious and find out about this bike.

V-Engine turns out that look at this bike is only as accessories, not really working properly. The bobber-style motorcycle built by Udivisianto which is a motorcycle designer from Puspa Kediri Custom workhop located in Pondok Gede, East Jakarta, Indonesia.

This bike belongs to Ariawan Wijaya, who is also the owner of the home modification New Motor Sport (BMS) in Jl. Palmerah West No.. 25, Central Jakarta. Ari wants to have another mascot. He wanted to touch different. So PKC workshop that used to build the motor with the concepts of old-school become partner.

So this project is the collaboration between the two modifiers. Ari greeting modifier and importers of used motor spare parts that allow creative Udivisianto board-tracker bobber with a trendy concept in the 1920s.

Source : Motorplus Online

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