Indian 101 Scout Restoration

The Indian 101 Scout was produced from 1928 to 1931, it was ahead of its time, differing from the other bikes of the era. It used front brakes, stiff frames, superior front suspension and low 26 inch (660 mm) seat heights. Despite the short production run and the fact that not many 101 Scouts survived to this day, there’s an online club that has over 400 members. For more information on the Indian 101 Scout club check out their website,they offer help and advice and even collaborate on finding suppliers for spare parts.

 Original Look of Indian Scout 101
Original Look of Indian Scout 101

In 1931, Indian's management decided to rationalize production by designing a new corporate frame that, with some detail variations, would be used across their entire, new-for-1932 model range of Scout, Chief and Four.The economic hardship of the Great Depression forced Indian to discontinue the 101 Scout, since it was as expensive to produce as the 74 cu in (1,210 cc) Chief, and therefore had a small profit margin.The 101's replacement the Standard Scout found enough adherents to keep it in production until 1937, but it was not well received by fans of the 101, who found the larger-framed Standard Scout to be slow and heavy by comparison.

1930 Indian Scout 101 Restored

The 101 Scout was noted for its handling and was popular with racers, hillclimbers, and trick riders. It is still used in wall of death stunt exhibitions.

1931 Indian Scout 101 Restored

Enthusiasts have differing views on the replacement of the 101 Scout. Fans of Indian's technical achievements acclaim the 101 Scout as the pinnacle of Indian technology, while fans of classic Indian styling hail its replacement for bringing classic Chief styling to the Scout line.


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